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Many things can prevent you from working, but those things should not prevent you from living a financially secure life.  Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits provide the financial support necessary to those who cannot work for a year or longer because of mental or physical impairments. SSD benefits apply to those who are disabled for 12 months or longer. SSD laws can be very complicated and having a qualified SSD lawyer can help you win your claim.

Who Qualifies for SSD Benefits?

Those who are not working for 12 months or longer are eligible for benefits under the theory that while you were working, you paid taxes into the Social Security system.  So when you become disabled, SSD laws say that you and your family can receive monthly benefits based on your previous earning history.  If there is a death involved, your surviving beneficiary may be able to collect SSD benefits.

To determine if you qualify, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review your claim.  They define “disability” very strictly and consult with medical experts.  Around 70% of applicants are denied SSD benefits on their initial claim.  Because of this, it is important to have an experience SSD laws attorney on your side.

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Fred J. Fleming has over 40 years of experience and has handled over 18,000 claims. Having a qualified, experienced SSD law attorney can greatly increase your chances of receiving benefits.  Chances of winning a claim often double when you hire an experience social security attorney. Often, you do not realize you need a lawyer until you are denied benefits.  However, you can still hire an SSD lawyer even after your initial denial.  You can appeal the denial and around 60% of applicants who are denied SSD benefits initially can qualify to receive SSD benefits with an administrative law judge.

The social security attorneys at Fred J. Fleming offer 40 years of experience handling  specific SSD claims.  If you have been denied SSD benefits , please do not hesitate to contact the experienced SSD laws and benefit lawyers at Law Offices of Fred J. Fleming today. Our dedicated SSD attorneys will aggressively fight for your rights to collect the disability benefits you deserve. We help claimants throughout the Western United States.